Ducks On A Sunday!

Last weekend, with Ethan getting cabin fever, we decided it was time to say hello to the ducks. The last time we feed the ducks I was pregnant so this was also going to be Little E’s first experience of duck feeding.

We made sure we wrapped up warm and set off to our duck feeding spot. Ethan loves feeding the ducks, he gets very excited which comes with lots of jumping and hand flapping.

Ducks1 Ducks2Ducks4Ducks5Ducks6Ducks8Ducks23

It’s lovely to see Ethan’s enjoyment and it’s amazing to remember that not that long ago Ethan couldn’t throw the bread himself. He would just push our hands to feed them.

We had quite a few friends come and visit us for the bread, some of them do like to get quite close too.


Little E watched from a safe place, I don’t think she knew what to make of it all!


We decided to stop by the small play park on the way home as we know it is normally very quiet. Unknown children are still causing Ethan major anxiety, thankfully there was only one other family there.


A trip to the play park isn’t complete without a go on the swings. This is when we realised just how much Ethan has grown. His weight is getting too much for the baby swings, we will need to teach him how to use the bigger swings very soon. I have no idea how we will do this as I’m not sure he has the balance for it.


We thought Little E might also want to try out the swings…

Ducks13 Ducks14

We ended up being out for quite a few hours and Ethan really enjoyed it.

14 thoughts on “Ducks On A Sunday!”

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Ethan loves being out as long as he keeps on moving. It is great that he can feed the ducks himself now, small steps ;0) x

  1. Lovely to see the changes in Ethan and see his lovely smiling face throwing the bread for the ducks himself. He is making such progress now. Looks like you had a real crowd of ducks come to appreciate your efforts. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

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