• Siblings March 2020

    Our Siblings During March 2020

    Well, March was the month that everything changed! As a family, we had been watching the spread of the coronavirus since January. March was going to be the month to celebrate my 40th birthday in Disneyland Pairs. Day by day we…

  • The Virus and Us – School Closures

    The Virus and Us – School Closures

    As I expected the government announced school closures this week. I think this announcement came on Wednesday night. The day I posted about all of the cancellations that have happened so far because of the virus. There was confusion around the…

  • Saying Goodbye To Year Four

    Saying Goodbye To Year Four

    With the new school year starting for us today, Ethan is starting his education journey in year five. I thought we should say goodbye to year four. A school year that has been very good for Ethan. In this post, I…

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