Siblings March 2020

Our Siblings During March 2020

Well, March was the month that everything changed! As a family, we had been watching the spread of the coronavirus since January. March was going to be the month to celebrate my 40th birthday in Disneyland Pairs. Day by day we watched as Disneyland Paris started slowing everything down as France went into lockdown. We knew we would be headed in the same direction. Life has really changed and lots of our family plans have been cancelled but this is our siblings in March 2020.

ethan little e clacton-on-sea siblings march 2020

This month has been about staying home, keeping safe and protecting the NHS. Before the country went into its strict lockdown we took the children for a walk along Clacton-on-Sea seafront. This is Ethan’s happy place and a place that we like to take him when he needs to burn off some energy. We are really missing our walks here and although it’s not far from us we are staying local to home when we decide to go on our exercise walks.

ethan little e joe wicks workout siblings march 2020

This month we entered the world of home schooling. The children started to join in with the morning Joe Wicks PE session but they have moved onto their own ‘Wake and Shake’ activities. This includes dancing along to the Toy Story short Partysaurus Rex.

We are taking quite a relaxed approach to our home schooling. We aren’t teachers and we have two levels of academic needs to adjust too. I’m also having to juggle my job but thankfully Darren is at home at the moment to help out. We are using free Twinkl resources to set the children up with daily activities. Little E reads to me once a day. I also make sure I read a story to her every night. We are also working on Ethan’s reading when he is willing to read to us.

We are also making time for family activities. Our family time is normally our days out and our holidays. We are now making sure we take the time to get the children off their iPads as best we can. We have been playing learning games, doing puzzles and baking.

ethan little e siblings march 2020

This month saw the launch of Disney+. My brother brought me an Amazon Fire-stick for my birthday which meant we could log on. To be honest it came just at the right time and is helping to keep us sane. Ethan has only recently just started to be able to watch films all the way through. There have been some lovely moments of film watching for our siblings this month. Their favorites at the moment are WALL-E, Monsters Inc., and Coco. March 2020 has really been a different month for our siblings and all of the UK, even the world.

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