Autism Pre-Verbal Singing

Whenever I’m asked about Ethan’s speech I always describe him as non-verbal. I think this is possibly because even though I know that we, thankfully, have been starting to acquire words, Ethan still couldn’t communicate with people outside of the family unit.

Other people tell me that Ethan is pre-verbal as he does make sounds, and is attempting to communicate with us. I’m worried about using this term as this term, to me, means that Ethan will one day be able to talk. I really hope this is true but we have no way of knowing for sure. Only time will tell!

We didn’t have a very good weekend and Sunday morning started with an amazing meltdown because you tube decided to stop playing the Kinder Surprise videos quick enough. Thankfully a song on a children’s TV programme caught Ethan’s attention and took his mind off of the you tube issue.

Ethan knows how to rewind the Sky box and can easily control what he wants to watch. This does mean that we end up watching the same programme over and over again, for hours!

Sunday’s discovery of a Bee song resulted in our non-verbal/pre-verbal son singing along. This really did brighten up the day, a day that didn’t start very well.

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