Me & Mine March 2015

This month has been a very busy month, we went on our first holiday as a family of four and we have been preparing Ethan for school. Every day there has been something to do, be it an appointment or a day out.

We treated ourselves to a family portrait session whilst at Center Parcs. The photos are taken at a Pret-a-Portrait studio, and considering the photographer had to deal with a baby and a very busy throwing Ethan he got some great shots of us. So for this months Me and Mine I thought I would share our favorite family shots. They were taken at the beginning of the month.

MeMineMar151 MeMineMar152

Fingers crossed, our family break has stopped Ethan’s throwing for now. It has made things so much more relaxed at home. He has also started to vocalise ‘Good Boy’ so we are now using this word to potentially stop any throwing from starting again. He also didn’t use the iPad at all when we were away which I’m so happy about as it gave him a break from screen time.

Next month is a very big month for Ethan as he starts school, this means that we have been purchasing school uniform and Ethan even did some trial days at school. They went very well and will hopefully mean his first week is easier as he now knows his teachers. This also means that tomorrow is his last day at nursery, he has been going there since he was nearly two and a half, that’s nearly half of his life!

Little E has finally started giggling at us, this is lovely as for a long time she would only laugh at Ethan. She is also on the move! Last week she worked out how to move forward, there is no stopping her now!

I celebrated my birthday this month and we went on a date to The Making of Harry Potter. It was lovely to have some time on our own, not having to make sure all of Ethan’s needs are being met. It was some much-needed respite even if it was only for a few hours.

We also had a family trip to London, we took Ethan to see the dinosaurs in The Natural History Museum and he got to press all of the buttons in The Science Museum. I have been having some major anxiety issues about getting on trains at the moment so this really put me to the test. It was also going to be a very long day for Ethan so I also had that to worry about. I’m pleased to say Ethan did really well, he handled all of the situations well. There were a few meltdowns which is expected, but we survived. I’m hoping we can visit London again in the future and I’m looking forward to Little E being more mobile so she can enjoy it more.

dear beautiful

8 thoughts on “Me & Mine March 2015”

  1. Oh what lovely photos – they must be a great reminder of such a fun trip. It sounds like things are getting really exciting for Ethan starting school too, I hope it all goes smoothly!

  2. Sounds like you have a had fun filled month! We are off to Center Parcs in the summer and I am SUPER excited! They did a great job with the photos, lovely family photo.

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you, I’m so pleased with these photos. We really loved Center Parcs I have no idea when we will be able to go back but it is in the plan x

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