The Year Of Unicorn Cakes

Birthday cakes are a very important part of birthday celebrations in our family. My mum always made sure I had a birthday cake on my birthday. With Ethan being non-verbal for so many years this visual marker of a birthday became even more important to me. Sometimes this means that there maybe a few birthday cakes purchased for the children’s birthdays. This all depends on the days of their birthday, if they have a party and when our family gathering is. This year for our family gathering birthday cakes both children picked unicorn cakes.

Ethan’s Unicorn Cake

Ethan is very into minions again. Well they have never really fallen out of favor but our trip to Universal in Florida brought them to the forefront again. When we took him to ASDA to pick his birthday cake I thought that he would choose a minions cake again. He actually picked a cake from their new Despicable Me range. The fluffy unicorn cake. I did wonder if he had put two and two together and he did tell me that this unicorn is from Minions.

unicorn cake despicable me fluffy unicorn asda

Little E’s Unicorn Cake

Celebrating Little E’s birthdays are a whole new experience for us. She had her eye on the birthday cakes for a while. We started to browse the cake isle a few weeks before we needed to buy a cake for her. I thought that a princess cake was on the cards but she hinted to having a unicorn cake like her brother.

Now I must admit that I had spotted this unicorn cake in ASDA but I never pointed it out to Little E. Every time I saw one the ears were broken or the flowers were squashed. The day soon came when it was time to purchase her cake. I couldn’t believe my luck when there was a perfect cake waiting to be taken home.

unicorn cake asda

Little E of course loved the cake. I carried this cake home like a newborn baby. Not only did I find the perfect version of the cake I liked but it also tasted fantastic.

unicorn cake asda

This year we have celebrated with unicorns. I wonder if the same style of cakes will be picked next year.

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