Time For The Children To Become Flu Fighters

Last week both of our children had their flu vaccinations scheduled at school. Little E’s was due on the Tuesday and Ethan’s was due on the Wednesday. Being that Little E is really struggling with starting school and Ethan’s fear of doctors I didn’t expect it to go well. I was really shocked and pleasantly surprised when both children came home with their flu fighters certificates.

flu fighters

Our Flu Fighters

Little E

Due to the amount of tears we have been having on school mornings I didn’t tell Little E about the flu vaccination until the morning it was due. Darren was at home that day and he explained to her what would happen. He was very good with her. Explaining what she would need to do and using a cotton bud to help with his demonstration. At this point we also brought Ethan into the conversation just mentioning that it would be his turn tomorrow.

I honestly didn’t expect for Little E to have her flu vaccination without any tears. She has never had this vaccination before. Being in an environment that she still isn’t sure of I was sure it wasn’t going to be an easy task. I was so surprised and happy when she proudly showed me her flu fighters certificate. It sounds like she took it all in her stride.


I have never let Ethan have his flu vaccination at school. The first time we took him to have it we had a terrible experience. It resulted in us having to pin him down and his nose bleeding. A normal trip to the doctors for us! We thought about it last year. Unfortunately the vaccination team were coming in the day before we were due to fly out to Walt Disney World. Ironically we didn’t want to risk Ethan being ill on our trip.

Darren wasn’t around on the morning of Ethan’s flu vaccination. To prepare him I talked about Little E having it done and showed him her certificate. Off he went to school and I hoped for the best. At the end of the school day a message appeared on the app letting us know which classes had had the vaccination. It also said that some children refused. You would know if your child had it done if they came home with the flu fighters certificate.

From our past experiences I immediately assumed that Ethan would have reused the flu vaccine. I was amazed that he came home with his flu fighter certificate. Proudly wearing his sticker too.

I’m so proud of my children being very brave flu fighters. It really was a big step for both of them. Both Little E and Ethan had their own hurdles to overcome. Now I just need to be brave and find out about my flu vaccination!

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