• Little E

    Moving into a Toddler Bed

    At over two and a half years old Little E was still sleeping in her cot. We knew it was time to start thinking about moving into a toddler bed but with Ethan’s poor sleeping habits we put this milestone off. We decided it was time to tackle our fear when we realised we were starting to hold her back. We decided that we would tackle this milestone during the Easter holidays. Darren even booked some time off in preparation for the possible disruption this move could cause. As Little E is quite an independent little lady I decided that we should include her in this change. I started telling…

  • Family

    Our Memory Jar

    I have found that since I have become a mum life has become quite an emotional roller-coaster. There have been amazing highs mixed in with some very low moments. This has led to me suffering with anxiety which can also contribute to feeling overwhelmed. Christmas it a time that I can feel overwhelmed with all of the preparation. There is also the added pressure of trying to make it visual for Ethan and it can easily get on top of me. This can sometimes turn it into a chore and I miss having something to look forward too. I mentioned to Darren that I was thinking about creating a memory…

  • Little E

    Learning To Use A Cup

    Little E has shown an interest in drinking from our cups for quite some time. It was starting to cause a bit of an issue at dinner time as she was starting to scream for Ethan’s cup. So at just 19 months old we decided that we would buy her a cup to use at lunch and dinner times. I picked a Minnie Mouse cup as Little E has started to show an interest in Minnie Mouse since getting a colour change one for Christmas. In light of the recent discoveries over the Tommee Tippee beakers we decided that we would just drop Little E’s beaker usage totally. I felt…

  • Little E

    Pointing an Important Developmental Milestone

    Ethan never pointed at anything and at the time I never knew this was a red flag for autism. When autism hit it was the marker that stuck in my mind the most. I found myself watching my friends babies and being so relieved when I saw them point. As you can imagine with Little E we are on autism watch alert. As much as we didn’t want to be you can’t help it. She is high risk and I would rather be on the ball and get her referred as soon as possible if we spot any signs. So pointing has been what I have been watching and waiting…

  • Little E

    Little E’s First Outside Walk

    Since Little E’s first steps and official walking she made it clear that she wanted to get out of the buggy. She just wasn’t really steady enough on her feet so we brought her some reigns ready for the off. We tried to let her walk whilst on our little holiday at Great Yarmouth but soon discovered she had already grown out of her shoes and wasn’t comfortable. So armed with new shoes we took her for her first official walk last week. Darren captured it on video and I love it so I thought I would share our milestone.

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