Sibling Interaction

We have been a family of four for ten weeks now and it has been an adjustment for all of us. My biggest fear at the beginning of our ‘four’ journey was would Ethan accept Little E and thankfully Ethan adores his little sister. There is still a long way to go on their sibling

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Dear Zoo – Vocalisation

Ethan has always loved books but most of the time he likes to read them to himself. He would babble to himself as he turned the pages. Since Little E’s arrival and our attempt to keep Ethan busy and his attempt to gain our attention, Ethan has showed us that he can vocalise the book

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Speech Therapy An Update

I haven’t blogged about speech therapy for quite a while but to be honest that is because we haven’t had many, if any, appointments. Ethan’s speech therapist came back from her maternity leave and we got to see her a few times to prepare for Ethan’s statement reports. She then left her position at the

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