Picture Exchange Communication System

Introducing PECS

The weekend before last we started to introduce Ethan to PECS and I’m pleased to say that he did amazingly well. So well that I have been working on this with him twice a day and at the moment we don’t need a second person to shadow Ethan.  We are working on Phase 1 as […]

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Speech Therapy Appointment 2

This week Ethan had his second speech therapy appointment. Unfortunately there is a bit of a problem with regards to who is holding Ethan’s appointments as the speech therapist that assessed Ethan during his observations is now on maternity leave and they can’t get anyone in to cover her. So as it was the Easter holidays one of the speech therapists from a

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Time For Change!

This April has brought a massive change to our household, a change that financially is quite scary but a change that will improve Ethan’s quality of life for the better. Over the past months it has become increasingly evident that for Ethan to thrive and learn new things he needs more routine and more of my time. For the past two years

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