Introducing PECS

The weekend before last we started to introduce Ethan to PECS and I’m pleased to say that he did amazingly well. So well that I have been working on this with him twice a day and at the moment we don’t need a second person to shadow Ethan. 

We are working on Phase 1 as directed in our last speech therapy appointment, full details of this can be found HERE 



Teaches learners initiation of communication through the use of a single picture for a desired item. During phase 1 the trainer reacts to picture exchange as though the child has just spoken. This reinforces the act of communicating.

We are using a folded up piece of paper for the picture card as I’m yet to start making our set of cards but all we need to work on is the idea that Ethan exchanges this paper for the item that he wants.

Introducing PECS
Ethan picks up the paper…


Introducing PECS
…hands it to the person who has what he wants…


Introducing PECS
…we say the name of the item (bubbles) and Ethan gets his prize, in this case the blowing of the bubbles.

We have been using bubbles and chocolate buttons to start this process and I’m trying to work out what toys we can start to use, it has to be something that holds Ethan’s interest. I did try with his crisps the other day but Ethan didn’t understand and got frustrated as he now eats his crisps by emptying them all out and not one by one so it was out of his usual routine. 

This video shows how he got on with the chocolate buttons!

If anyone has any suggestions of items we can use or any advise please leave us a comment below so we can try it out…

4 thoughts on “Introducing PECS”

  1. We find that photos work well as they are not abstract. My communications and interactions lady said she could print me off some too – not sure if you see anyone.

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Yes I read on the internet that photos are the way to go. We have only just been assigned a key worker, we are getting in the system slowly.

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