• Ethan

    Speech Therapy An Update

    I haven’t blogged about speech therapy for quite a while but to be honest that is because we haven’t had many, if any, appointments. Ethan’s speech therapist came back from her maternity leave and we got to see her a few…

  • PECS Update - I Want

    PECS Update – I Want

    Ethan started to learn how to use PECS after his diagnosis last year. He took to it very quickly and I spent ages taking photos of all of his toys and making the cards so that he could request the items…

  • Ethan

    Happy Birthday To Our Superstar

    Ethan this week you turn four! It only feels like moments ago that we brought you home from the hospital and you made us a family. You really did rock our world, more than you will ever know, but we wouldn’t…

  • Blogging

    Our Superhero #LDWeek13

    The lovely Hayley from Downs Side Up has made me aware that this week is Learning Disability Week 2013 and mencap have asked people to share their stories about their real life superheros.  To me the word superhero means someone who…

  • Ethan

    Speech Therapy Appointment 3

    In the last week of June Ethan had his third speech therapy appointment. Thankfully I was able to get another appointment with the lady that saw us last time, I have discovered that you have to keep on the phone to…

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