Three Simple Ways to Help a Friend Quit Smoking


Do you have a friend who’s struggling to quit smoking? Perhaps you’re tired of watching them try and fail over and over again, and wish there was something you could do to make their struggle a little easier. Here are three simple ways that you can help.

Get Your Snack On

Giving up a bad habit can mean picking up new ones. That doesn’t have to be bad news. You can encourage your friend to swap their normal indulgence for a different, healthy treat. Help them make sure that they have access to healthy choices to distract them when the craving strikes.

Quitting smoking shouldn’t mean piling on the pounds. Why not make your friend a care package of tasty, healthier alternatives to traditional fatty snacks? Try air-popped popcorn and fresh fruits.

Top tip: keep snack-sized portions of vegetables, nuts, fruits, dairy products and lean meats readily available for your friend. Cold turkey anyone?

Get Busy

The craving to smoke can strike at any time, so when your friend is struggling to stick to their resolution, why not find a way to keep them busy? You could go to your local park. Some gentle exercise in a local green space gives you both time to relax, bond, and enjoy the fresh air. With less time on their hands, they’ll have less time to worry about missing their nicotine fix.

Top tip: find a hobby you can share that fits in with a time your friend is likely to smoke. A gym class after work instead of the pub is perfect for getting away from a smoking environment, and you can get fit in the process!

Go electronic

Electronic cigarettes make a great alternative. If your friend needs a bit of extra help moving away from smoking, why not surprise them with an electric cigarette? You could even carry one in your purse for emergency assistance. When the craving catches them, they can still take the nicotine hit, but with less of the health risks. E-cigarettes are cheap, reliable and available from reputable retailers nationwide. E-liquids are available in a huge variety of flavours too, so your friend will definitely enjoy the taste of vaping!

Top tip: electric cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes. Keep one on hand in social situations, like pubs and social gatherings, where you know your friend might be tempted to smoke.

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