Walt Disney World – Day 2 – Animal Kingdom – Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition

After eating our fill at breakfast we made our way to the safari as you are meant to get a better safari experience the earlier it is in the day as it isn’t so hot for the animals. 

I think this is the fourth time I have now been on this safari and it was the best one I have ever been on. It was a lot cooler in Florida as Sandy was making her presence felt so that could have been the reason. 

It wasn’t long before our jeep arrived to take us on our adventure and Ethan got a fantastic seat, I was worried that he would be stuck in the middle and then wouldn’t even look at the animals as he would be too busy looking at the people around him but we had a row all to ourselves.


We saw lots of animals on our adventure.





Some of the animals were even interested to come and have a look at us. I have never seen them get this close to the jeeps before.






There was even baby elephants to see.





The highlight for me was seeing the lions, they are normally asleep on the rocks but there were up and moving about.




There is even a new addition of zebras.



I really enjoyed our safari and Ethan looked at all the animals and even tried to touch the zebras as we went past. It is so hard to get Ethan to notice things that aren’t close, he never noticed any of the animals from our hotel room so it was great to know that he looked at everything. 

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