Walt Disney World – Day 2 – Dinner at ‘Ohana

Whilst as Walt Disney World ‘Ohana’s is a must on our list of places we want to eat and we are lucky enough that this would be our third time there. 

After Ethan had his nap and we were all ready to go we took the bus to the Magic Kingdom and as we had some time decided to take the boat over to the Polynesian as we knew Ethan would love it.

We checked in for our ADR and had a little wait so we showed Ethan the waterfall that they have in the lobby. We didn’t have to wait long and were shown to a table right next to the window.


Ethan dived right into the welcome bread.


Darren looking forward for the ‘Ohana feast to begin!


The chefs preparing the feast.


Ethan discovering noodles for the first time.


Steak, yes please!


Shrimp, I wouldn’t say no!

We had a fantastic meal and it was nice to see Ethan trying different things. Since being home I have tried to give him noodles for dinner but he wasn’t interested so Mickey’s noodles must be very special. 

We passed on the dessert as we were full to the brim with all the meat on offer so after paying the tip of $13.60 we made our way back to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. 

We had an early night as the early starts had caught up on us but this was the night that we discovered the Duffy The Disney Bear story for Ethan and he was fascinated by it, I think he watched it at least three times every night before going to bed.    

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