Christmas 2012 – Making Paper Chains

Today I decided that I would attempt to show Ethan how to make paper chains so that we could decorate the hall with them.

I purchased some Christmas paper rather than buy a pre-made paper chain kit.

I selected two sheets of each design and cut them into strips.



Trying to get Ethan’s attention I showed him how to make the paper chains but he wasn’t interested in what I was doing as he was too busy composing his own masterpiece.


After a little while he did join me on the floor and inspected what I had made. 


And then went on to inspect the glue I was using.


I don’t think he was overly impressed with my crafty afternoon but we did have a nice afternoon together. Ethan sat next to me on the floor the whole time and we had a good babble whilst he composed his music and looked through his books. 
I must say that overall I’m quite impressed with my handy work, hopefully next time Ethan will be more interested in what we are doing.


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