Walt Disney World – Day 4 – EPCOT – Figment And An Around The World Lunch!

Next on the list was Figment but unfortunately the ride wasn’t working so we decided to go into the shop as I remembered there was the interactive area and I knew there was a certain section that Ethan would enjoy.

As predicted the lights and the music were a hit so we spent quite a while here playing. 

We then made our way out to enjoy the ride, I was a little worried that Ethan may find part of this too loud but he was fine through the whole thing. 



We had an early dinner booked in EPCOT so after much debate we decided to let Ethan sleep in his stroller today as we were getting hungry and by the time we had taken him back to the hotel for a sleep we would never had got back in time for our ADR. This actually turned out to be a good thing to do as it helped pull Ethan onto Florida time. It also meant we could sample some of what the Food and Wine Festival had to offer, something that I had been looking forward to. 
After Figment we headed to the Canada stall to use our snack credits for some fantastic cheddar cheese soup. I love the cheddar cheese soup, I really should have had some more but not to worry I purchased a book with the recipe so I can make some at home. Darren also went off and got a Chicken Sandwich meal from somewhere so that Ethan could have the chips for lunch.  
With Ethan’s tummy full we found a quiet spot and got Ethan off for his nap. It took a while but we got there in the end. 
Whilst Ethan slept we walked around the World Showcase Lagoon, I did want to take more time here than we did and perhaps do the passport and kidcot stations with Ethan but he isn’t ready for this activity yet so it stays on our things to do list for a bit longer. 


We stopped in France and used another snack credit to try the chocolate crème brûlée, I have never had one of these before and it was fantastic. We also saw Belle and had our photo taken with her, Beast wasn’t with her on this occasion. 


We took a few more photos along the way before ending up in China for a look at the Terracotta Army display they have there as this was one thing on our list. We also used another snack credit for a chicken satay with peanut sauce.





It took us over an hour to slowly walk round and Ethan woke up in Mexico just in time to meet Donald…


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