Walt Disney World – Day 4 – EPCOT – Mexico, Norway, Donald and Duffy!

When Ethan was fully awake we headed into the Mexico pavilion so that we could go on the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros it took us a little while to find the entrance for this ride as there were lots of people looking around Mexico. I think Ethan enjoyed looking at all the different scenes as they are bright and colourful.



On our previous trip we found Donald Duck in the Mexico pavilion so I was quite disappointed when we couldn’t see him in there but we found him outside on the way to Norway. The queue wasn’t that long for him, we must have timed it just right. Ethan greeted him with a high five, he was getting very good at these now.




We then headed to Norway so that we could go on Maelstrom. We discovered this ride on our last trip and really enjoyed it but it felt tamer this time, perhaps because we knew when the boat was going to turn. Ethan thought it was very funny and laughed through the drop and the turn.
We decided we should make our way to Spaceship Earth as we hadn’t been on it yet and on the way we passed Duffy. As Duffy was already a big part of our holiday and the queue wasn’t that long we thought Ethan might like to say hello. Duffy was greeted with a smile and Ethan’s by then famous high five!




We walked slowly towards EPCOT’s famous golf ball that contains Spaceship Earth stopping for photos along the way…




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