Ethan’s First’s Of 2012

My good friend Sara-Jayne is hosting the BritMums Carnival this month and has asked me to write a post for her to take part, she has requested a theme of the word “first“. 

So with this in mind I decided to share with you all the “firsts” Ethan experienced in 2012. 
  • In January we purchased Ethan’s first pair of trainers. Disney themed of course and a bargain in the sales!


  • It snowed in February and although it has snowed since Ethan was born this was the first time that we got to take him out in it. He really wasn’t impressed with it at all!
  • We were invited to Sara’s son’s birthday party and Ethan went on a bouncy castle for the first time. Ethan loved every minute of it, and before the party ended we all got to go on it with him. 


  • It was the first year we had a garden for Ethan to play in. Many hours were spent outside this summer mostly playing with water. 


  • We took Ethan to a theme park for the first time, Legoland Windsor, and this was the first ride he went on. 


  • We had a visitor, this was the first time Ethan had seen a frog. Darren returned him safely to the river. 




  • This was the first year we took Ethan paddling in the sea. He wasn’t sure at first but soon got the hang of it. We hope to spend more time at the beach this year.


  • Ethan brought his first painting home from nursery, this now takes pride of place on the fridge.  


  • Ethan went on a plane for the first time. He was fantastic considering we decided to take him long-haul!



  • Ethan visited Walt Disney World for the first time, I really hope it won’t be his last visit there and we get to go again at some point in the future but only time will tell. 


  • Ethan met Mickey Mouse for the first time. 


  • It was the first year that Ethan had a chocolate advent calendar. He loved them so much that they had to be hidden! 


  • We celebrated our first Christmas in our house. We had a lovely day and Ethan enjoyed all of his new toys. 


We had an amazing year of firsts and created some fantastic memories, we look forward to what “firsts” 2013 will bring Ethan’s way…

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