Walt Disney World – Day 5 – Magic Kingdom – New Fantasyland, Our Little Bit of Pixie Dust!

As we approached the NEW FANTASYLAND section through the newly built castle wall we could see a sign that clearly stated ‘Cast Member and Pass Holder Previews’ my heart sank. Anyone who knows my Disney passion knows that it is all about Beauty and the Beast for me so to have this theming added to the MAGIC KINGDOM is really amazing for me, and definitely a future must do. We walked  ahead slowly, partly because Ethan was walking at our side a partly to see what they were telling the other guests that approached the area, they were clearly turning people away. Without holding out much hope I thought I better ask the cast member to confirm that the area was closed to the general public today. He confirmed it was so we started to move away but as we did a lady wearing a suit and holding a clipboard followed us and said that she could tell we had travelled quite far to get here and she expected we didn’t get to visit that often so she asked us in we would like to explore the new area. I could have hugged her, without question we jumped at the chance, quickly picked up Ethan and made our way into NEW FANTASYLAND

Just to warn you all as this area only had a handful of people looking around we were able to let Ethan walk where he wanted to and I got to take lots and lots of photos!

As soon as you enter NEW FANTASYLAND you come across Enchanted Tales With Belle. Unfortunately we knew Ethan wouldn’t have enjoyed this as it involved sitting still and listening to an interactive story for more than five seconds we gave it a miss. I did ask Darren if I could go and see it on my own, I can’t repeat what he said! 

I should have gone into the queue so that I could take some photos of the cottage but Ethan wanted to keep moving so that’s what we did. 

We did stop on the bridge to have a photo with the Beasts castle in the background.


We then posed for a PhotoPass Magic Photo, I was pleasantly surprised to see who had come to day hello. 


We made our way round to Prince Eric’s castle, so that we could go on the Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid.




We took our time looking around the queue area, Ethan loved looking at the waterfall.


We made it into the ride and climbed inside a clam shell, this ride is set up with the same cars as the Nemo ride in EPCOT. The fantastic thing is you actually go under the sea to see Ariel’s world, well not really but your clam shell spins around and by the lighting, sounds and effects they use you feel like your clam shell is being pulled backwards into the sea. I thought it was great, just as I love Nemo I knew at that moment I would also love this ride. I took a few photos of our journey.




After our time with Ariel we slowly walked to Gaston’s Tavern. Darren treated himself to LeFou’s Brew, it was $10 in a souvenir cup but we thought it would be a nice little reminder of our unexpected morning. I took even more pictures whilst Darren enjoyed his drink, I couldn’t help singing Gaston’s song.






After some timeout letting Ethan burn of some energy we walked back to the Be Our Guest Restaurant. This wasn’t yet open to eat in but they had opened it so that you could have a look at the main dining area, I think there was also some training going on. If ever we got the chance to go back this would be the first ADR I booked. As always Disney’s detail was amazing.






We didn’t stay in NEW FANTASYLAND for that long but I was so grateful that we got the chance to look around and with only a handful of other people there. It was a nice little break before we headed back out into FANTASYLAND for more rides…

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