Walt Disney World – Day 7 – Magic Kingdom

After having some lovely family time at the pool and also grabbing some lunch there we got ready to head back to the Magic Kingdom. Our plan was to explore another area and catch the Main Street Electrical Parade as it was on that night. 

The first thing we did was stop at the entrance of the park to get a photopass photo as we hadn’t stopped there yet. 

We decided that we would stop at guest services so that they could give Ethan’s buggy a sticker which would allow it to be classified as a wheelchair. This would mean that he could stay in the buggy to watch the parade in the disabled persons area. This was a very hard decision for us and we had discussed it for ages but we needed to know that we could keep Ethan safe and have a means to keep him still and in one place if required. Thank goodness that the Disney guest services are so autism aware. 

After our pit stop in guest services we knew that we didn’t have to rush anywhere so we stopped at quite a few of the photopass photographers down Main Street. 



We made our way to Pirates of the Caribbean and the area was packed, it felt like everyone had the same idea as us. We showed the cast member Ethan’s GAC card and he were shown to a back door where a group of people were waiting. After a few minutes we were taken behind the scenes and joined the queue at the accessible point.
Magic Kingdom Pirates of the Caribbean


Magic Kingdom Pirates of the Caribbean


Magic Kingdom Pirates of the Caribbean
Ethan enjoyed this ride as there were lots to look out, I did wonder what he would think about all of the cannon fire but he was fine. 
Next we made our way to the Liberty Square Riverboat, it was just about to set off. This was the first time we had been on this as a couple which is a nice little bonus. 



Magic Kingdom Liberty Square Riverboat


Magic Kingdom Liberty Square Riverboat


Magic Kingdom Liberty Square Riverboat


Magic Kingdom Liberty Square Riverboat
Ethan was a nightmare on the boat ride he didn’t want to stay in one place and just wanted to walk round and round the different floors, a pretty normal day really, but very hard to do amongst all of the other guests. 
Whilst we were on the boat ride Darren talked me into going on the Haunted Mansion. I’m scared of everything with ghosts so this really isn’t on my list of things to do.  


Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion
Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion


Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion
Again this ride was packed so we used Ethan’s GAC card. This is the one ride where I don’t think they are very accommodating in the queue. You basically go into the same queue as everyone else but you have the option of avoiding the shrinking room and again go a back way. This is all fine but when you get to where the cars are loaded its just a mass of people all squeezing into a very small area and not very organised. So if your child has an issue with lots of people and their space, I don’t think this would be a good experience. Darren put Ethan on his shoulders to keep him out of the way at this point.  
Apart from the excitement of the loading of the cars Ethan was fine in this ride, I on the other hand had my eyes closed for most of it!
Time had flown in the Magic Kingdom and it was soon time to find somewhere to grab something to eat. We decided to use some counter service credits in Pinocchio Village Haus in Fantasyland, by now we were pros in ordering a mix of meals that we could share with the minimum amount of credits. 
After our dinner we made our way back down Main Street to find a place for the Main Street Electrical Parade. There wasn’t a big waiting time to see Mickey Mouse so we decided that I would take Ethan to see him on my own whilst Darren saved our spot.
This was a big mistake! It had gone 5pm and it was that time of night when children everywhere have a sudden burst of energy and go nuts! Here I was on my own, Ethan full of beans, trying to queue. We must have only been queueing for about ten minutes, it was the longest ten minutes of my life! I finally mastered keeping Ethan in one place by making him bounce, we bounced all the way to Mickey Mouse!
This was the first time that Ethan approached Mickey Mouse by himself and I didn’t have my camera. Thank goodness for photopass. 






After visiting Mickey Mouse we went back to Darren and he took over with Ethan for a while so I could get over the shock. As we waited for the parade I took some photos of Main Street. 





It wasn’t long before the start of the parade. This was the first time either of us had seen this, it was nice seeing all of the different floats and characters. 


Ethan loved it, he clapped along to the music. 
After the parade we headed back to the buses to call it a night. 

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