Walt Disney World – Highs and Lows

As I’m sure you are aware Ethan’s blog has been a little quiet for the past few weeks, that is because we have been busy having lots of adventures and creating memories in Walt Disney World Florida. 

Everyone knows that when a toddler is involved you have to expect plans to change! You would have thought that we had learnt this when Ethan got chicken pox and he couldn’t go to see ‘Disney on Ice’, this is yet to be blogged about, so I thought I would start by letting you know the highs and lows of our trip. I’m sure I’m will be blogging about our trip for months to come yet as I feel its going to take an age to sort out all the photos we took. 

Our Highs

– Spending quality time as a family.
– Ethan’s face every time he saw the characters.
– Ethan dancing with Stitch, his first time dancing to pop music.
– Ethan discovering stairs, although we sometimes had fun keeping him away from the stairs and the kerbs!
– Lots of spinning fun in the teacups.
– Ethan just being tall enough to ride Goofy’s Barnstormer.
– Being let into the new Fantasyland area even though it was cast member previews only during our visit.
– Seeing the Magic Kingdom dressed up for Halloween and Christmas.
– Going to the dessert party at Magic Kingdom.
– Seeing Ethan discovering and learning new things everyday.

Our Lows

– Ethan getting tonsillitis the weekend before our flight and hoping that he would be well enough to go.
– Calling out a doctor for Ethan because he had a bad chest at night, only to discover he has croup and then not be 100% sure if he would be well enough to fly home. The airline wouldn’t let us on the flight home without Ethan getting a ‘fit to fly’ letter which we were given on our last morning. 
– One of our memory cards corrupting in the camera and loosing two days worth of photos and even more of video footage, including Ethan dancing with Stitch and photos of the dessert party. So thankful that I had been backing up to the iPad otherwise we would have lost more and now just patiently waiting for a memory card reader to turn up so that I can see if I can retrieve any of the lost footage. 

Things We Have Learnt From The Trip

– Darren can’t take photos or video and it is best left to me. Please Note: We can’t mention that the memory card corrupted whilst Darren was using the camera!!!!!!
– Ethan can’t queue and doesn’t like waiting or sitting through the shows, we just had to keep moving. 
– You can’t take photos like you used to with a toddler/Ethan. I used to take pictures of anything and everything. This included photos of all the food that we ate on our trips, this didn’t happen on this trip, all our photos are Ethan based and I love them all even more because of that. 
– You can’t shop like you used to with a toddler/Ethan. We knew that we wouldn’t be visiting any of the malls on this trip but I didn’t expect that the gift shops and Downtown Disney would also be off limits. From me the gift shops are part of Disney and I love taking my time and looking at all the bits you can buy and visiting Downtown Disney quite a few times whilst there but this didn’t happen. 

Are We Glad We Went

Yes we are, we needed the break and the time together. I think the one thing that would have made the trip a total different experience is if Ethan was talking but you know what that means we will just have to visit again when he does!

Some sneak peak photos for you all…






…and some photos of our little man having fun!


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