What’s The Story – Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Cake

When planning our wedding I knew that having a wedding cake was very important to me, but because there were just a small group of us I worried about the size of the cake. I didn’t like the idea of waste but I knew the cake I wanted I had only seen before as a three tier cake. 
I wanted the Mickey Wave cake with the castle on the top. Not any old castle, this was a white chocolate Cinderella castle!
So I asked our wedding planner, could this be done? She spoke to the bakery and they agreed to create the two tier Mickey wave cake. I was over the moon. A perfect cake, for our perfect day!
And what happened to our left over cake and our white chocolate castle? We shared the cake with the other hotel guests around the pool, and Darren had lots of fun devouring the chocolate castle!

10 thoughts on “What’s The Story – Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Cake”

  1. Grace says – Wow!! Congratulations and such a gorgeous cake. A white chocolate Cinderella castle is a dream…………. #whatsthestory

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