A Magical Goodbye

I don’t know if Ethan is going through a major peak in progress at the moment or if Little E is keeping us so busy it’s becoming hard to keep up with everything he is doing. All I know is I got a lovely surprise the other night when it was his bedtime.

Ethan’s sign of affection has always been shown with the top of his head. He cuddles by touching heads and if we ask him for a kiss he offers us the top of his head. If we are extremely lucky an Upsy Daisy style ‘mwah’ is added for effect.

Now I know that Ethan can say ‘Bye Daddy‘ he has been saying it for a while but when we say bye to people at the front door Ethan is always there saying ‘Hello‘. It’s as if he knows there should be some kind of greeting but Hello is the word he can say so that is the one he uses.

Our bedtime routine is always the same, Ethan says goodnight to me by letting me kiss him on the head and Darren takes him up to bed. The other night this changed!

He looked right at me and said ‘Bye’! My heart melted, I couldn’t believe it so said bye back. Ethan said bye again, and we went back and forth saying bye to each other as he made his way up the stairs and into his bedroom. It was the sweetest moment.

Ethan can now saw bye as he leaves, or others leave, at the correct time. He does still throw in the odd hello for good measure to make us smile.

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