What’s The Story – Major Domo

As our wedding party was small Darren didn’t have a Best Man, so therefore we had no one to keep the wedding rings safe for us. We thought of different ways to get round this but decided that we would include Disney’s Major Domo into our ceremony. 
We didn’t tell anyone about including him, and I’m not sure if anyone asked us who would be looking after the rings, but somehow we got away with surprising our guests and playing a bit of a nasty trick on our bridesmaids.
When it was time to exchange our rings our Reverend turned to our bridesmaids and asked them for the rings. They didn’t know how to respond, no one had the rings, I can only imagine what they were thinking. 
After a short time our Major Domo was announced and walked down the aisle with our wedding rings in a glass slipper. 
Disney's Major Domo
You could feel the relief in the room from everyone, and everyone started to laugh.


Disney's Major Domo


A terrible trick to play but it created a fantastic moment, and it was all at the suggestion of our Reverend.


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  1. Wow that is just brilliant and how wonderful to have Major Domo at your wedding. Your poor bridesmaids though. Fabulous post thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

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