Blog Everyday August – Day 28 – What’s On Your Mind

I always have lots on my mind, I’m sure it never stops, even when I’m asleep. So if I was to write what’s on my mind now I think I could easily be here for hours, and this will be my longest post ever. So to make it simple I will just write one thing, the thing that is at the forefront of my mind right now, and that is Ethan. 

Tomorrow is the day that Ethan starts in his new class at nursery. I now have to trust another team of aunties to take care of my little boy and keep him safe. Each auntie now has more children to look after, I’m really hoping they will increase Ethan’s one-to-one time. I know this won’t happen overnight. Ethan will now have cooked meals at lunch time, hopefully this will increase the food’s he eats. 

I know that Ethan will be fine as he has been visiting his new room. Some of the children in his class are also moving up this week so there will also be some familiar faces for him.  

Although I am nervous about this change, I’m interested in seeing what this change will bring for Ethan. I’m really hoping it will be a positive change. 

3 thoughts on “Blog Everyday August – Day 28 – What’s On Your Mind”

  1. I was nodding whilst reading this, I remember POD’s first day. The first day is tough but you’ll get through it and it does get easier. Ethan will have a great time too. Try not to worry 🙂

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