What’s The Story – My Eldest Niece

This is my eldest niece, I promised both of my nieces that they would one day be my bridesmaids and I would get them to Walt Disney World. Dare I say it, my brother isn’t a Disney fan! I think I made good on my promise.
I love this photo of us, this was taken before the wedding ceremony and behind us you can see the wedding pavilion where the ceremony took place. Believe it or not we had a bit of a hair emergency before leaving for Florida as my niece likes to experiment, she wanted to go blonde for the first time and wanted to do it herself. I had nightmares that her hair would turn green so I threatened asked her to come with me to the hairdressers and I would treat her to a new blonde look, I think it really suited her. 
My niece is only nine years younger than me and we didn’t really get on when I was little, I was jealous of the new baby in the family. My brother was a younger father and I didn’t understand why my mum was helping him so much. I also think that as our family likes to have a baby in every decade, I just barely kept the tradition with Ethan, I could relate to my niece as a little sister and sibling rivalry is normal, right?!
I’m glad to say that as we both got older our relationship really improved and she became a very good friend. We shared lots of great moments together and had lots of fun. Distance, her growing up and finding her own way in life, and me having Ethan has made us drift apart a little but I still see what she is up to on facebook, and when she isn’t jet setting with her job we sometimes get together in person.        
I just hope she enjoys where she is at the moment for as long as possible and doesn’t rush growing up. 


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  1. What a wonderful post Jane – beautiful photograph. You do have the same eyes and look so happy! She must have been so proud to be your bridesmaid in Florida – I know I’d be! Thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

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