Blog Everyday August – Day 19 – Time For Change

I can’t believe that in just under two weeks time Ethan has been going to his nursery for a whole year! It doesn’t feel possible that it has been this long, it also feels like something he has always done. 

This also means that in just under two weeks time Ethan moves up to the bigger nursery class. 
I’m very worried about this because although Ethan is the oldest in his class at the moment his skill level matches his class mates. By moving up to the next class he will be in the right age group, preparing him for starting school, but this also means the differences between him and his peers will be even more noticeable than before, and this scares me more than you can ever know.   
On the other hand pushing Ethan out of his comfort zone will help them work out the support he will need in school. This can be put on his statement that we will be working on in the future. 
Ethan has visited his new class over the past few weeks to slowly get him used to the new environment. I have found out today that they are finding that Ethan likes to move from one activity to another without engaging for a long period of time, this isn’t news to us as Ethan always keeps us on our toes! I think they will therefore need to review his one to one time which I will be happy about as I do think he needs more than an hour a day. 
I was also given his new class paper work last week which informs me that Ethan will be taking part in the Christmas show and sports day. My initial reaction to this was “Yeah Right!”, but I’m really hoping they prove me wrong as I would love to be able to watch Ethan in a Christmas show this year. 
There is also a form to fill in and one question asks me “Who is your child’s best friend?”, being the mood I was in when I read this form last week it really didn’t go well but I know that it is a generic form that they give for all of the new children. 
Ethan is also going to start eating hot lunches at nursery as at the moment he will only eat a banana, crisps, cake and a yoghurt. I’m hoping that eating the lunch’s provided will also help him try new foods. 
I’m keeping everything crossed that this change is a very easy and positive step forward.  

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  1. I read it twice before commenting. I am not really sure why. As you know, school terrifies me too. I can tell you what our advisor told us, that kids in these ages are more tolerant, that no one will make fun of him, that they will probably not notice he is any different. I choose to believe her. it’s better than the alternative. I can tell you also that we found that when they understood and worked with Yon more, he really blossomed. He was even in the goodbye show they had. Without crying! (without actually singing, but without crying. A huge accomplishment).
    But I can also tell you it’s a long and hard road. With ups and downs. Yon really grew up this last six months, I think it was because of the attention and care he got from his teacher, so I am hoping that it will be the same case with Ethan.
    As for the best friend question… Yon’s (only) friend is a year younger than him and won’t be going to Reception with him in September… So I can understand the crying. I did a fair bit of it myself…
    I know (guess, hope, hardly believe) it will be ok, and our kids will do brilliantly in their new class next month 🙂 x

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