What’s The Story – Our EPCOT Dessert Party

In 2002, seven years before our wedding, and even before meeting Darren, I discovered that you can hold Dessert Parties in EPCOT during IllumiNations.
IllumiNations is a firework show that they hold every night in the EPCOT park. A dessert party is where you can hire an area which you then set out with tables and you can eat desserts. Fireworks and desserts, what a way to end a wedding day!  
When planning our wedding day we were limited to which area we could hire because of our small group. Our only available option was an area in the Morocco Pavilion. I would have loved to have hired the area in the Italy Pavilion as the area is connected by two bridges. This means your dessert party is on an island, of sorts, so you are very separate from the other visitors.  
Just before we were about to board the coach to EPCOT our wedding planner informed us that because of a 60% chance of rain there would have to be a change of plan to our dessert party. 
The dessert part of our party was going to be held in a private area of The American Adventure building and we would then be escorted to view the fireworks from the dessert party area in ITALY. Our wedding planner hoped that we wouldn’t mind the change too much. Are you kidding, a totally private area for our desserts and, what I considered, the perfect spot to view the fireworks.
The American Adventure EPCOT
The first picture in this post is just one of the many photos we have taken whilst the firework show was on. It is one of my favourite photos and one that I waited years to capture. I loved being able to have a dessert party at our wedding, even though we were posing for photos during most of it. It was a great ending to our day, and I would do it again in a heart beat. 
EPCOT Dessert Party


EPCOT Dessert Party


EPCOT Dessert Party
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3 thoughts on “What’s The Story – Our EPCOT Dessert Party”

  1. Wow how incredible is that! All the photos are fabulous but that first one is something else. I love the idea of a dessert party, sounds absolutely amazing – and to have fireworks in the dessert area of Italy must have been a superb surprise. One day you should do a book of all your wedding related posts and photos, it would be brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

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