What’s The Story – Our Guest Book

When I was planning our wedding I spent hours on the internet looking for information that would help plan our day. I joined forums so that I could ask any questions that I had and hopefully get answers. One day I remember a former bride telling us that is we have Mickey and Minnie Mouse as guests at our wedding that we should ask them to sign our guest book. 
When it was time for our wedding planner to be assigned one of my requests was the signing of our guest book, and with that I never mentioned it again. Partly because it wasn’t one of the most important parts of the day and partly because I totally forgot about the request.      
We didn’t look at our guest book until we got back to England, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Mickey and Minnie had signed our guest book. We hadn’t seen them sign our book so I didn’t think it had happened. 
What was an even greater surprise was that when we got our wedding photos through, this photo was one of them. The moment that we had missed had been captured for us by our lovely wedding photographer. 




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