What’s The Story – The Start of a BIG Adventure!

A new linky has started over at POD Cast and you all know I’m really enjoying my linky’s so I thought I would show support and join in. This couldn’t have started at a more perfect time for me as we are heading towards quite an important date in our house, our fifth anniversary. With that in mind I have picked this photo to share with you

This time five years ago we were preparing to travel across the Atlantic to Walt Disney World for our wedding. I had managed to persuade my family to make this trip and for all of them, including Darren, it was their first time to the most magical place on earth. 
This photo was taken by my mum as we were waiting to be collected to be taken to the airport, the start of our biggest adventure ever!


6 thoughts on “What’s The Story – The Start of a BIG Adventure!”

  1. Wow, how exciting it that – it must have been the most amazing wedding. What an incredible thing to do. Thank you for linking up with #whatsthestory

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