Walt Disney World – Our Highlight Video!

Whilst driving to Devon I had the chance to work on another video showing our highlights from our Walt Disney World trip last year. I had already created videos showing Ethan’s Highlights and Ethan meeting the characters, I wanted this one to at least show some fireworks! 

I decided to share it with you for this week’s Magic Moments as it really was a magical holiday and I can only wish that one day we get to experience it as a family again.



4 thoughts on “Walt Disney World – Our Highlight Video!”

  1. How lovely! We’ve never been to Florida – I doubt we ever will – but we’ve been to Disneyland Paris a fair few times. We will definitely go again too, there’s plenty to do even for teenagers! 🙂

  2. Awww such a lovely video, Ethan has such a lovely smile, he was clearly having the time of his life! We were lucky enough to go to Disney at Christmas because we can drive there now 🙂

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