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If you have been following my weight loss story you will know that I’m into week 10 of my journey. With the help of Thinking Slimmer I only have four pounds to go until I have officially lost a stone.


Chocolate was one of the areas I needed to improve on. All things are OK in moderation but when you are going to the fridge for the milk and the chocolate bars in there keep calling your name it can be a hard temptation to fight.

If a chocolate craving is something you are battling then the Chocoholic Cure pod from Thinking Slimmer could be the perfect tool to help turn your carvings into enjoying enjoying chocolate in moderation.

chocoholic_cure_box-v2Thinking Slimmer’s clinically proven Slimpods train your brain to want to eat healthy foods in smaller portions.  The Chocoholic Cure 10 minute download that will take away your chocolate cravings if you listen to it every day.

This download will help you to gain control of your chocolate habit.  You do not have to give up chocolate altogether, but you can get to the point where chocolate no longer controls you – where you can choose to eat small quantities of chocolate and really enjoy it, without feeling the need to binge and feel guilty.

If the Chocoholic Cure pod sounds like the perfect answer to your chocolate cravings then you can enter to win one here.

Now we are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a Chocoholic cure pod.  If you need the pod now and you can’t wait until the winner is announced then go ahead and buy it.  If the winner has made a purchase from Thinking Slimmer on or after 2nd of April 2015  then Thinking Slimmer will refund the full value of your purchase.

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