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Word Of The Week – Birthday

This week my word of the week has to be


as it was my birthday on Friday.

We didn’t have much planned for it as Darren has actually worked all of the Easter weekend. I’m looking forward to having some time together as a family next week without our normal commitments getting in the way.

Last week was pretty much spent winding down. Little E had her last classes of the groups we attend and Ethan was so ready for a break from school. It was only a short term but his school days do wear him out. It’s the sensory side of things that tire him but he really does miss the routine that school brings with it.

Unfortunately our bout of illness continues this week. It is now my turn and I have a terrible cold and cough, all I have really wanted to do is spend the weekend in my bed resting and getting better but that is not possible with my two children.

So I’m really looking forward to Darren’s shift ending this week so that I can have some help with the children and hopefully get over this illness so we can enjoy some days out over this half term.

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