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Word Of The Week – Car

This week our word of the week is


as we finally got a new family car this week.

It feels like we have been talking about changing our car for ages and suddenly it happened before we were expecting it too.

We got our Seat Ibiza before we got married and we purchased it knowing that we would keep him for many years. Only parting with him when he was run into the ground. We never expected for that little car to have to do a daily commute of over 100 miles a day to take Darren to work.

So at eight and a half years old and over 120,000 miles on the clock, we knew it wouldn’t be long until we needed a replacement. We expected that we would be looking for a car in January but things fell into place last week and we now have a bigger family car.

I have spent the past few days being the main driver and getting used to driving a bigger car. It was sad to see our old car go but we are happy our family now has a bigger car to grow into.

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  1. I know the feeling.. I went from a Rover 25 to a Ford Mondeo.. took a bit of time but I got used to it 🙂 congrats on your new car!

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