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Word Of The Week – Countdown

This past week feels like we have been in countdown mode. We have been counting down the days before the half-term holiday starts. We all have this week off and it is a rest we all need. There are no big plans but we will fill our days running errands and catching up on appointments.


Little E is also counting down to Halloween. I feel like this is the first year she is really embracing it. It is also the first year we are considering going trick-or-treating. Little E is making her own Halloween costume. She wants to be a fox and is creating a mask using finds from Hobbycraft and lots of paints. She is also making a mask for her brother. I think we will be going trick-or-treating with some of her school friends. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

The last week of half-term also meant Little E had a parent’s evening. I think at this school they use iPad apps to test the children on different subjects before they start them and when they complete them. Little E got 15% in one subject and in three weeks she raised that result to 65%. Little E has made a really good impression on her new teacher. It feels like Little E is settled now at school and that makes us happy.

Ethan is also in countdown mode, he wants to know how many days he has off from school and the date is going back. He got a letter on his last day of school inviting him to a residential. He hasn’t been on one of those with the school for many years due to all the COVID restrictions. This means he doesn’t really want to go. But we know it will be a great experience for him. He will get the chance to experience new things and also learn some life skills at the same time. I have this week to talk him into going as the deposit has to be paid on Monday morning.

I have been really looking forward to our week off. A week of just pottering around. I’m sure I will have a countdown for my return to work date!

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2 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Countdown”

  1. I hope you have a fab half term. A week of rest sounds lovely.
    It sounds like Little E is getting right into the Halloween spirit and I am glad she has settled into school. It sounds like she’s doing well.
    The residential sounds like it could be fantastic for Ethan. I hope he comes around to the idea. x

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