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Word Of The Week – Environment

This week my word of the week is environment. Little E got to participate in some activities at school being on the Eco team. The activities were to help the local environment around the school.


On Monday Little E was part of a team preparing a food garden at the school. They had to move soil from the place it was delivered to the back of the field. Darren went into the school to help them move it. He stayed for two hours helping her but they worked on it for most of the school day. I thought they might be planting things at the same time but that might be the next job for them to do.

On Tuesday Little E went out with the Eco team to pick up litter. They selected different areas around the school and collected quite a lot of litter. I would have liked to have joined her to help but I didn’t have enough holiday days left at work. I need to make sure I keep a few spare to visit some high schools in the day this September. Little E enjoyed her two days helping the environment at school. I think that might be because she got some time out of lessons.

This week my mum brought two apple trees for our garden. Last summer she added roses this year it’s trees. I think she is enjoying having a new area to plant in. I’m not a garden person! Adding trees is surely a good thing for the environment too.

This week we have also been preparing our home environment ready for the puppy’s arrival. I still can’t believe we are getting a puppy. It’s going to be a big change but I think it will be a good one. It will be hard work but we think it will be worth it. We have the crate ready, toys and his food. We have also booked some training sessions. The children are getting excited about the puppy’s arrival, they are counting down the days!

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  1. So excited to see your new puppy! I always forget how much time they take at first, but it is worth it. Enjoy those puppy days.
    Little E must be having a great time on the Eco team. A break from school routine is fun in itself. The earth moving day sounds exhausting. I hope their vegetables and fruit plants appreciate their efforts and grow big and tasty. As hopefully your homegrown apples will too.

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