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Word Of The Week – Interested

It has been a month since we collected our puppy. A month of learning to have someone else in the house to look after. Making new routines that work for us all and enjoying the changes a dog brings. Ethan wasn’t sure of our puppy at first. Finally, after a month of living with us, Ethan has become interested in him.


Being interested is great news but with Ethan, it is also very hard work. Being interested in our puppy means that Ethan wants to pick him up. But he will only do this using a blanket. Sometimes this makes him pick the puppy up in the wrong way. So I have to constantly manage their interactions. It was like this when Little E was born and Ethan was very keen to give her his special head cuddles. It is very tiring but I know when we are past this stage it will make Ethan’s relationship stronger with our puppy.

We have been having a puppy trainer come to our house once a week and Little E has been very interested in the training. We paid for one-to-one tuition as we knew that would be the best option for Ethan so that we could all be part of the lessons. I have been wondering if perhaps Little E might think about taking our puppy to agility training when he is old enough.

It has been a very interesting month becoming dog owners but I think the change has been very positive. I’m enjoying having company whilst I’m at home on my own. Yes, I do talk to him quite a lot. My phone congratulates me to tell me that I’m moving more. I have never spent so much time going out in my garden! This week we have been starting to take our puppy out for walks too. I’m making a list of all the places I want to take him. Both children are using their iPads less and are spending more time with us. It is intense at times with Ethan but I know over time it will improve.

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  1. This all sounds so positive! I know adjusting to a pet can be hard work and especially with Ethan it can be a challenge. I’ve never had a dog, let alone a puppy, but I remember caring for my spouse’s and my cat was hard for me. I trust that Ethan will build up a great relationship with the new pup though.

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