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Word Of The Week – Jumping

This week our word of the week is


well it should really be Ethan’s word of the week as he is jumping all over the place!

He really doesn’t like the school holidays as he really misses his routine so to cope with this he starts to jump and climb around our front room.

At times it can be quite dangerous and it results in lots of shouting from us to try to get him to stop. What’s not helped is that we normally get Ethan out of the house to curb this relentless jumping but with my flu last week, we have been stuck in more than we would have liked.

The only thing that will stop this jumping is the return to school so as you can imagine we are looking forward to it. Ethan does love his routine and I’m sure he will be glad to get back into it on Monday.

So this Easter holiday really hasn’t gone to plan but we did get out and about a little bit, just not enough to stop the JUMPING!

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