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Word Of The Week – Muddled

I haven’t found the time to write a word of the week post for a few weeks now. Our weekends always feel full at the moment catching up on errands and taking the children to their clubs. We have also had dog training every Saturday, filling up the time. We are always juggling work and life in the week but the past few weeks have felt quite muddled.


I think I started to feel muddled as Darren was ill and off from work for a few days. Having him at home makes me easily lose track of the days and the normal routine we have. At the same time, I moved teams at work again. This is to help the creative team with urgent projects and I will move back but both teams work differently. The creative team are very reactive to emails while I have had a few months working solidly on ongoing projects and not having to email watch so vividly.

It was my birthday last week and I took the day off from work as a holiday day. It was the best birthday I have had in four years. Two of those years my birthday was in lockdown and the other two Darren had to work. This year we both had the day off and we were able to take the dog for his first walk at Frrinton-on-sea. We also run some errands, taking advantage of the children being at school. With my birthday being close to Easter this year we were able to eat Marks and Spencer’s Hot Cross Buns on the day.

I felt quite muddled on the last week of the term as Ethan’s school closed earlier than Little E’s. The fact that Good Friday started the Easter break threw me out too, as I thought I had to do our Friday routines on the Thursday. Thankfully I had Ethan at home to remind me of the days. He is feeling very muddled about having time off from school. This means he constantly asks me about the days on his calendar. He says he is missing school and it makes me wonder what we will do to fill his days when he leaves school.

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2 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Muddled”

  1. I’ve missed a couple of weeks too and I almost chose something like muddled. Happy belated birthday . I love the idea of a beach walk on your birthday and I hope you had a good day. I can imagine the change in routine throws Ethan as well. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, I’m glad you had a nice day. I felt muddled on Friday, I had to keep reminding myself it wasn’t Saturday. I hope you can find somewhere for Ethan after school. My eldest went to a lovely centre until he was 19. Then he managed a mainstream college for a while. He’s not done much since but he seems happy most of the time.

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