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Word Of The Week – Puppy

This week there is only one word I could use for my word of the week. Last Saturday we added a new member to our family. We collected our puppy from the breeders. I have wanted to add a dog to our family for many years but it was never the right time. Was I expecting this year to be the year we did? No, I did not, but things aligned and now we have a new playmate.


It has been an interesting week adding a puppy into our home but it actually hasn’t been too bad. I was expecting lots of sleepless nights to start but he only woke up once on the first night. I thought he would struggle this weekend after a week of early starts for Darren’s work routine. But he didn’t cry and waited for us to come down.

Toilet training is also going well. We are taking him to the garden every hour and a half and there have only been a few accidents inside. Normally because of excitement. We put puppy pads in his crate but they are always clean as he never goes in his crate.

Little E was instantly in love with our puppy but Ethan will take some time. Our puppy is a bit of a biter and that worries Ethan. He has played with him in only a way that Ethan can but Ethan also asked when we were taking him back! I think when we can take him for walks Ethan will enjoy his time with him more. Ethan keeps asking where the puppy can go, you can tell he is trying to work it all out in his head.

I have enjoyed having someone to keep me company whilst I work too. He does like to sleep under my chair and I have to remind myself that he is there. I did have to have a meeting with him asleep on my shoulder. We are all looking forward to our future trips with our puppy. New doggy adventures!

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