How to Elevate Your Space with Thoughtful Prints and Wall Décor

How to Elevate Your Space with Thoughtful Prints and Wall Décor

Adding personality and flair to your walls with art and prints can completely transform any room. Thoughtfully choosing pieces that reflect your style and interests can turn your house into a welcoming home. When selecting wall décor, consider the purpose of each room as well as the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. 

How to Elevate Your Space with Thoughtful Prints and Wall Décor

Follow these tips to elevate your space with prints and art that are meaningful to you. 

Define Your Style

First, think about the general style you want for your home. Modern, bohemian, traditional, minimalist, contemporary – having a consistent style will help your rooms flow. For example, contemporary art characteristics involve thinking outside the box, with abstraction one of the classic features of contemporary art.  

You don’t need to decorate in a theme, but keeping to one or two major aesthetics will prevent your home from feeling disjointed. Once you land on an overarching style, you can bring in personal touches with prints and art that match your aesthetic.

Select Meaningful Pieces

Choose wall art and prints that hold significance for you or your family: botanical prints for the nature lover, cityscape art for the traveller or vintage film posters for the cinephile. Selecting décor that celebrates your interests and hobbies injects personality into your rooms. Opt for a few large statement pieces in rooms where you spend a lot of time like the lounge or study. Group several smaller prints together in hallways or above beds.

Consider Purpose and Function

Allow the purpose of each room to dictate what kind of wall décor you place there. In lounges and living spaces, choose conversation-starting pieces or prints that encourage relaxation. Black and white photography lends itself well to dining rooms. For in-home offices and studies, opt for prints or art that inspire productivity and creativity. Don’t overlook functional wall décor like mirrors, floating shelves or bulletin boards that also serve a purpose beyond aesthetics. 

Colour Scheme and Texture

Take into account how prints and wall hangings fit into your overall colour palette and complement your décor. A vibrant abstract painting might clash with muted neutrals or soft pastels, while monochromatic prints blend seamlessly. Beyond colour, also think about the textures you’re incorporating. Mix glossy prints with natural wood frames and canvases for dimension. Display items in identical frames to cultivate harmony or mismatch frames for an eclectic gallery wall.

Arrange and Style Thoughtfully

Carefully styling and arranging your wall décor is key to creating a polished look. Use the rule of three to group items together. This entails showcasing prints and art in trios—whether they are clustered together in one area or distributed throughout the room. Ensure there is adequate negative space around and between pieces so they don’t feel crowded. Hang artwork at eye level so guests don’t have to strain. Go for floating shelves or lean prints against the wall rather than solely relying on nails.  

Refresh and Reuse

Revisit your wall décor with the changing seasons. Rotate out heavier textures and darker colours for lighter ones come summertime. Repurpose prints and art in new rooms when you redecorate or rearrange furniture. Shop your own home first before buying new pieces. Revamp, revive and restore forgotten wall art languishing in your attic or garage. Check charity shops and vintage stores for budget artwork and prints. Upcycling old frames with new prints gives fresh life to your walls.

There are infinite ways to infuse personality and punch into your home with wall art and prints. Decorate thoughtfully with special pieces that make you smile. Soon, your house will transform into a happy home that you can relax in.

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