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Word Of The Week – Respite

This week even though it is still the Easter holidays Ethan has spent most of it at school. If we are lucky sometimes they offer a holiday club. This helps keep him busy and offers us some respite. Which is why our word of the week has to be


I do always feel guilty when we put Ethan’s name down for holiday club days but we do think he enjoys his time there. They get taken out on trips and they get lots of time to play. Sending him on these days also means I’m not totally worn out by the end of the holidays. Having a very poor sleeper and someone who never needs to charge their batteries really does take its toll.

As my work was pretty quiet this week I was able to use this respite to Little E’s advantage. We were able to go on a mother and daughter cinema trip to see Peter Rabbit. We were also able to run errands that I wouldn’t have been able to do with both children on my own. She also got to go swimming with Daddy and their friends.

On the days that we have all been together we have been able to go out and have had two dinosaur trips. We visited Paradise Wildlife Park to experience their new World of Dinosaurs area. Yesterday we went to see the show Dinosaur World Live. If the weather had been better I’m sure there would have also been some trips to the beach to talk of.

It has been a good Easter holiday and I do believe our little bit of respite has helped that happen. I’m hoping the return to school will be a good one for Ethan. The last term was a struggle for all of us. I really hope this holiday is the truing point.

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