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Word Of The Week – Return

I’m a little late with last weeks Word of the Week as things have been non-stop here. I have missed the official linky but I love the diary like entries that these posts create so I decided I would still share last weeks word.

Our word of the week was


as it was Ethan’s return to school.

On Monday Ethan had his first day back at school after the summer holidays. I was really nervous about how the return would go, so nervous that I didn’t sleep on Sunday night. Thankfully Ethan happily got ready for school and I made sure I showed him all the visuals, his uniform, daily planner etc. He got ready for school without any protests or meltdowns.

The next hurdle was the bus. How would he react? Thankfully it all went pretty well. There was of-course the expected protests but it wasn’t as bad as his first day of school. I was very relieved.

Ethan was also very happy when he come home, he was still vocal with us so he must have enjoyed going back to school.

Little E has also returned to her baby groups, and things are slowly starting to get into a nice routine again.

Well I say slowly. I was rushed off of my feet with a project and have been working on it non-stop. So I wasn’t eased into my return quite like the children were.

It was a tiring but good week, I’m glad it went smoothly for Ethan. It made it that much easier for all of us.

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