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Word Of The Week – Scary

This week our word of the week is


as Darren gave us quite a scare.

On Monday night Darren was woken up from his sleep with massive chest pains. He was doubled over in pain and I have never seen him like that before. I called an ambulance and we waited for them and my parents to arrive.

It felt like we waited an age for the ambulance to come and it was a very stressful time but it turns out they had to travel 27 miles to get to us. This is madness when there is an ambulance base less than ten minutes away from us but it just shows you the pressure this service is under. Not only do the paramedics arrive to assist you on the scene they can’t leave you at the hospital until you have been handed over. Our amazing team was with us from 11.30pm until 1.45am. I know we arrived at the hospital at 12.30am so they couldn’t leave us for another hour and fifteen minutes. Surly if there was someone there just for these handovers they would be able to free up the ambulance crews to save more lives. It just proves the strain our NHS is under and they did an amazing job looking after Darren.

Darren’s chest pain had eased by the time the ambulance got to us but he had ECG tests run and given medication. At the hospital he had his blood taken, this was a nightmare as Darren’s veins didn’t want to cooperate. He also had a chest x-ray and was placed on a drip.

It was determined that Darren did not have a heart attack and the pain was caused by stomach problems which could be heart burn or ulcer related. He has been placed on tablets for a month and then could possibly need more tests depending on how he gets on with the tablets.

So this week I have been keeping a close eye on Darren, and I’m keeping everything crossed that we don’t have a repeat of that episode.

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9 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Scary”

  1. Gosh what an awful scare for both of you. I can’t imagine having to be Blue Lit to hospital in the early hours of the morning having also woken up the parents to come and stay with the children
    I do hope Darren’s test throw up nothing serious and that there are no more scares for you this week. Take care

    PS: sorry I haven’t been linking up recently it’s been a ridiculous few weeks and I didn’t get to post at all last week, I have a few posts in my head…I’ll be back!

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