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Word Of The Week – Struggle

This week my word of the week is


as I really have been out of sorts all week.

Ethan had a viral infection on Friday night which made its way to me on Monday afternoon. I spent the next 24 hours in and out of sleep whilst trying to sort out the children. Tuesday morning was a big struggle and I really didn’t feel well but thankfully it wasn’t long before Darren was home from work.

This week Darren’s shift has fallen on school days and I always find it a struggle getting Ethan ready for school whilst keeping Little E busy. Thankfully it hasn’t been too bad this week but Ethan has been in full meltdown mode every morning when he has woken up which has been fun. He always has issues with my spoon choice for his breakfast even though I give him the same spoon that he always wants to use!

I also always struggle with keeping on top of my emails, there are always 4000 unread but somehow my main email has been linked to a spammer and I’m getting weird and wonderful emails every five minutes. So trying to keep on top of my inbox has been even more of a struggle.

Lets hope the start of May will begin with less struggle!

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5 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Struggle”

  1. Oh no, that sounds a tough week. Hope you’re all fully recovered soon and next week is a better one. That email thing sounds odd though, there’s some very odd people about isn’t there? Have a lovely weekend #wotw

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