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Word Of The Week – Baby

This week my word of the week has to be

as I attended a baby shower and got to visit my great-nephew for the first time.

On Sunday I got to have some me time and attend my friends baby shower. It was a lovely afternoon tea sharing the excitement of the soon to be new arrival.

On Tuesday we visited my niece and her new baby who arrived on Ethan’s birthday. I’m now officially a great auntie, I don’t feel I’m old enough to have that title yet! Ethan and Little E loved meeting the new baby and playing with all of his toys. I think it played on Ethan’s mind that night and his possible lack of understanding. He hardly slept and was very restless. I think it was possibly because the last baby he saw was Little E. This new baby didn’t come home with us which I think he was trying to understand. There has been lots of talk from the children about the baby since the visit. Ethan has even said my friends baby is next. It was nice having baby cuddles and then handing him back to his mum. I think we are all looking forward to visiting him again in the summer.

Apart from being very busy this past weekend we have had a nice week at home. Ethan as normal has been very unsettled without his routine and we have had a few meltdowns. I think our busy weekend helped ease him into the week a little bit. Perhaps the same plan of action is needed in the summer holidays.

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  1. Nothing better than baby cuddles, sounds like you had fun. My kids are the same without there routine, there’s a lot to be said for following one. Have a lovely weekend. #WotW

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