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Word Of The Week – Christmas

This week our word of the week has to be


as Christmas has well and truly started to arrive for us. We put up our Christmas tree on Saturday with the help of the children. We have even visited Father Christmas on the Santa Express. We might also be visiting Father Christmas tomorrow too but I’m sure the children won’t mind.

Ethan has been happily singing along to Christmas songs on the radio. I think I have worked out what one he will be singing along to in his Christmas play.

Little E had her Christmas Concert at nursery. She was an angel again and this year I didn’t have to sit with her. This did take some persuasion reminding her that she is a big girl now.

I have somehow also completed the Christmas shopping for the children. This in itself is quite an achievement with a little boy who doesn’t ‘do’ toys. Ethan did decide the other week that he wanted to ask Father Christmas for a Paw Patrol item and not something PJ Mask related. Thankfully we were able to make that adjustment.

I haven’t been so good with sending out the presents for the children’s Australian cousins. That is my Monday job which means they will arrive after Christmas. I also have to write out our Christmas cards at some point. I am more prepared than last year as I didn’t really do anything Christmas related until after our center parcs winter wonderland weekend.

I do find December such a busy month with all of the school activities. It’s the same in July, having two lots of activities to attend at two different education settings really does make life interesting. So far we have been lucky that nothing has clashed. I really hope that will be the case next year too.

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