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Word Of The Week – Friends

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as I have taken to watching Friends on Comedy Central. I grew up watching Friends every Friday night so I have seen them all but I have been getting bored with the day time television. I have really enjoyed watching them again and it has been a nice way to help lift the gloomy January days. It did make me realise that I own a friends cup that is 22 years old!

I went into London yesterday to visit the office. I got to catch up with my friends at work and we went out for a girlie lunch. It is nice getting out and about and seeing familiar faces. I also got to meet some new people and people who I have talked to but never met in person yet.

I have also been talking to a friend on the phone a lot this week via What’s App. We have some plans over the half term together so we have been talking about those quite a bit.

It’s been a good week, and one that has flown past quite quickly. I still feel we are not really into a term time routine yet. It will be the half term holiday soon. I might as well worry about that routine after the holiday.

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6 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Friends”

  1. Reading this suddenly made me miss my friends! I havent seen them in quite awhile and it would be nice to have a chat with them again. #wotw

  2. It’s nice to catch up with friends 🙂 I’ve never seen the TV programme though! as for the routine.. as long as everyone is okay, happy and getting to school on time, I’d leave it till after half term too.

  3. Ahh! I love Friends….I never got into it in the 90’s but have watched it all since and I love it. There is several episodes I know word for word! It sounds like a really good week x

  4. Always good to catch up with friends – and with Friends on TV too. I didn’t watch it that much when it was on originally but I do always enjoy watching it on the rare times I catch repeats on the TV. Hope that you manage to settle back into a routine after half-term. I think it doesn’t help that this half term is a such a short one. #WotW

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