World Of Dinosaurs At Paradise Wildlife Park

World Of Dinosaurs At Paradise Wildlife Park

Paradise Wildlife Park has opened a new attraction this year, World of Dinosaurs. In the World of Dinosaurs, you will get the chance to meet animatronic dinosaurs. It features 30 life-size dinosaurs that move and roar. Some might even try to get you wet!

World Of Dinosaurs At Paradise Wildlife Park

The children really enjoyed their visit to Paradise Wildlife Park last year. We were very excited to be invited to return again to visit the new attraction World of Dinosaurs.

Our Visit To The World Of Dinosaurs

When we arrived at Paradise Wildlife Park we decided to make our way to the World Of Dinosaurs first. This was because we knew it would be very popular for being a new attraction. We hoped the earlier we visited the quieter it would be for Ethan.

World of Dinosaurs is set in the wooded area of Paradise Wildlife Park. You can’t miss the entrance as it’s like stepping into your very own Jurassic Park experience.

paradise wildlife park world of dinosaurs entrance

The first thing we noticed was the noise. You can hear lots of different calls and roars from the many different dinosaurs in the park. Ethan was a little unnerved at first but Little E took it all in her stride.


The detail in the animatronic dinosaurs is amazing. They all move their heads, tails and where possible their arms. Their rib cages also move as if they are breathing in the air around them. This adds to the dinosaurs looking so life-like.

world of dinosaurs triceratops paradise wildlife park
triceratops calf
tryannosaurus rex

One extra detail we noticed on the Velociraptors were the details in their eye movements. They blinked in both directions just like I imagine they would have done in real life. Not that a human would ever want to be that close to a real life Velociraptor to find out!

world of dinosaurs velociraptor paradise wildlife park

The children also found the Dilophosaurus very interesting as they would spry water at passersby. Be careful if you don’t want to get wet!

world of dinosaurs dilophosaurus paradise wildlife park
world of dinosaurs dilophosaurus paradise wildlife park

Dinosaur Information

Each dinosaur has its very own information plaque that lists the dinosaurs details and some quick facts about them. This helps make the World of Dinosaurs a fun and educational experience for everyone.

world of dinosaurs baryonyx facts paradise wildlife park

Fun Dinosaur Photo Spots

In the World of Dinosaurs, you will also find some fun dinosaurs photo spots. Make sure the Tyrannosaurus-Rex doesn’t catch up to your jeep!

world of dinosaurs paradise wildlife park
world of dinosaurs paradise wildlife park dinosaur egg photo spot
world of dinosaurs paradise wildlife park dinosaur egg photo spot


We missed out on the train ride on our last visit to Paradise Wildlife Park but this time it had been transformed into the Rex-Express. It is £2 per person to ride on the train and this time I remembered to bring some cash with us. The Rex-Express takes you on a ride through the World of Dinosaurs, make sure you watch out for the Dilophosaurus wanting to get you wet!

REX-EXPRESS world of dinosaurs paradise wildlife park

Our Thoughts About The World Of Dinosaurs

We loved visiting the World of Dinosaurs. It’s very surreal walking around the dinosaur area and listening to all of the noises they make. It really does transport you into their world. We spent a good hour in the dinosaur area and would love to visit again. The video below shows our time in the World of Dinosaurs

Our Day Visiting Paradise Wildlife Park

Unfortunately the day we visited Paradise Wildlife Park it rained all day. It was forecast as hopefully easing in the afternoon but luck wasn’t on our side and the rain got heavier. This meant that we didn’t get to explore the playgrounds and animals as much as we would have liked to. We did however still spend four hours at the park. The soft play area Tumble Jungle came in very handy for drying off and warming up. The children did miss getting the chance to play in the playgrounds outside. I also would have like to feed the animals this time. Our rainy day visit just means we will have to return again in drier weather. We can’t wait to visit again.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted tickets to Paradise Wildlife Park for the purposes of this post and to make our YouTube Videos. I always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences.

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  1. Oh such a shame about the weather. I hope that it’s better on your next visit. My daughter and my nephew love dinosaurs at the minute so i might have to get planning a trip!

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